America’s First Cold War

article-profile-picThose who hold dear peace, tranquility and freedom embrace love of family and charity and are the ones who would fight with a fierceness of hell fire to save it. To instill tyranny against peace loving people who want nothing more than to live with dignity and grace is evil. American born socialists and communists wish to take these things away. However, it is a fool’s errand for one to rush in on a fight when cooler heads should prevail. This ideological war of the socialists and communists has come to a head over the last 100 years.

A hot war is just a means to an end and is never the smart way to solve an assault on freedom because there is a cost in lives and misery.  Since January 2009, our country has once again united in a common cause to thwart off tyranny that would change our way of life only this time from the inside. Many socialist and communist organizations under the cover of a ruse for many decades have come out in the open and spilled out over the various media enterprises. We as Americans have entered into a split wide open Cold War.

So, what is a Cold War? From 1945 and until the fall of the Berlin Wall America was embroiled in an ideological fight along with its NATO allies to stop the spread of Communism from the Soviet Empire. Our military was much larger at its peak during the Reagan administration due to his administration’s bold plan to increase its size. Germany was the spearhead and America and its allies were poised to wait for the initial attack from the Soviet lead Warsaw Pact. The war was won in large part due to the size of our military because the Soviets had to spend and spend until they collapsed in on themselves.

Our first Cold War started around 100 years ago during President Wilson’s administration. The American Cold War has been simmering behind the scenes in America and has been creeping up on us for a number of decades for a show down. Well, the showdown is here. We as free loving charitable Americans must win this initial Cold War that started so long ago in our country. We shall do it eventually at the ballot box and by teaching our complete truthful American history in the classrooms, once again exposing the evil intentions of Communism, Socialism and Fascism.

Never again can we internally go back to sleep and trust our politicians and bureaucratic educators that decide what to teach our children. “We The People” as the true power and key holders of this nation can no longer afford to turn our backs and look the other way while there are those scheming to enslave us. Yes, we will win this fight at the ballot box as long as we stay engaged and don’t sit down and quit.

Symbols of Tyranny: American Communist Party and Socialist Party USA