Terrorist Plot Stealth Response

The fact we declared war on terrorism after 9/11 may not have been prosecuted as it should have been. Invading Iraq was most likely a mistake based on evidence that did not materialize later; WMD. Today Iraq is not a solid ally to America and will, possibly, fall prey to radical Islam and a wide range of tribal warfare after we completely pull out. Afghanistan is not a complete success either and a peaceful existence may never materialize as long as radical Islam exists. Terrorist’s cells have reached out to other lands for decades to wreak havoc.

Approximately 1,441 of years of Islam and what it teaches are forever embedded in the culture and will never change; believing otherwise is pure folly.  Conversion to Islam either through peaceful means or by force is the mission for many radical Muslims. This culture of dominance has spread into many counties, such as Israel, Europe, Africa, and the United States.






Maybe the lessons we should have learned from the outset of our national resolve following 9/11 was to solely use a vast robust network of Special Operations forces? Large military invasions for the most part may be necessary for the short term, such as defeating a large collection of terrorist groups/armies in one place, then pull out. The American people should not be engaged in nation building after a conflict. Most certainly when it comes to an ideology that teaches children from day one to hate a certain race (Jewish) and anyone else that is not a Muslim.






America has been facing terrorism through Guerrilla Warfare type tactics from radical Islam since before 9/11. Invading armies will not bend or eliminate the Will of the fundamentalist jihadist. However, maybe a much larger Special Operations force could evolve from Southern Command (SOCOM) and become even more robust in number of operators.







Of course the logic seems sound enough to a layman for a special operations force to be as large as an invading army. However, this would require a much more in-depth analysis and study by real terrorist experts, Intelligence personnel and military planners. If something of this magnitude would ever materialize, instead of “The Storm is Coming”, “The Hurricane is Coming”.