Socialism Does It Fit Mankind


July 2012: Obama’s explains why an individual’s personal success is not born by his singular motivation and efforts; that others played a large role. The following article from March 2011 with a Psychologist explanation explains why he is wrong.


Socialism will not and has never worked in a society without force of law. Socialism destroys the inherent desire to better oneself and family; why work harder?  Socialism stunts an individual’s natural forward progression. Taking from one and giving to another that has not earned it is wrong. Redistribution is counter-productive for all those who work for a living. If there is no greater reward to better oneself that individual does less and this makes less of a benefit for all; particularly in creating more jobs.

If the current Democrat (Socialist) administration in Washington is successful in turning this country into a Socialistic regime, will you be happier? For a short time, those who crave free help will be happier. Why only a short time, because you are going to want more things later on. Will you most likely get them? No. Why? Because there is only so much money to redistribute around and besides you only get the amount of money the State thinks you should have. Will this make you happy that you are not going to get what you want or need? No. Will you eventually get tired of limited freedoms and the limited potential to increase personal wealth? Well Yes!

If you think about it you are always in search for some type of need. If your earnings are largely taken from you, how long do you think it will take before you are stunted from achieving a better way of life? People who earn money spend money and that creates jobs. To spread the wealth around unfairly only causes a person to do less to earn it, this means less to spread around.  This will cause the economy to spiral downward where all will face poverty!  As it stands today there are millions of our citizens in the country that do not even pay taxes and are given money by the government.  In other words your money!

Do you know who has a higher standard of living in a Socialistic form of government; it is those who hold the power over you. If the Socialists (Democrats) have their way Socialism will be implemented in this country. However, that would only be their first step towards total domination of the American public, including possible Communism.

Abraham Maslow developed the natural progression of the human experience which is at the core of this article.


Author: PhilDavis

Phil Davis served in the USAF from 1973-1993 and most of it was working in Command and Control at Strategic Air Command (SAC) and United States Air Forces Europe (USAFE), while his two best assignments was working at HQ 8AF Command Center from 1984-1989 at Barksdale AFB, with a one year assignment serving with the 485 Tactical Missile Wing, Ground Launch Cruise Missiles in Belgium during 1986-1987. Phil has been writing on political issues since 1993, including a run with the Examiner prior to 2013. It was just after that when he started his own blog where he has written on various subjects about a myriad of topics related to our country’s political environment and the rediscovery of American Patriotism.

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