America: Oh what it use to be!

There was a time, at least in my lifetime and my grandparent’s life when you could leave your doors unlocked during the day.  From days gone by your personal best at work mattered, no matter what your pay was.  A picnic along with block parties for just about any reason was a great event to be had by all.  Children playing outside until dark from the east coast to the west coast and all in-between. Today picnics and celebrations are fewer. Constant locked doors and the daily sound of fewer children playing outside along with the frequent emergency sirens.  Something is missing from those days; just isn’t the same when I was younger.

We have become a nation of entitlements, a nation focused more on self rather than as a patriotic citizen of a once great nation and where abundant morality is hard to find.  We have allowed ourselves to be bought by the politician via entitlements and focused ourselves more on personal pleasures rather than service to our fellow man, community and nation.  Yes, there are those who reach out to people in need within the community; but this need has grown exponentially due to little desire to better oneself.

So who opened the door to a land of entitlements?  President Franklin Delano Roosevelt did by expanding the General Welfare clause of the Constitution ushering in Welfare during 1935. Welfare has done more damage to the nation than he could have ever imagined. His New Deal fostered in Social Security which most know by now is nearly bankrupt.

Our national pride is being fractured by various ethnic groups crying out to be recognized with a special identity other than as Americans first.  Diversity has made our nation great and that is the secret to our greatness, but we unite as a single nation under the title of American! United we are not!  An America where children are not allowed to learn from failure and to always share in the prize thus enables them for an even harder failure later in life.

Today entitlement programs are the norm and larger than ever before. Diversity is taught in our schools more and more instead of national pride and unity. Where liberalism/socialism is destroying the nation and the Pledge of Allegiance as one nation under God is hardly said anymore.  Bit by bit our identity as Americans first has been chipped away, assimilation as one America is frowned upon and where personal integrity and morals are a thing of the past.  Personal liberties are given up even more so today to a government in return for a soft tyranny.  If allowed to continue this soft tyranny will lead to a nation of people which will only serve the State interests.  America where have you gone?  America, oh what you use to be!