Civilization Jihad Slow Kill

Civilization Jihad is the slow progression of injecting Islamic ideology into a civilized society, rather than through opened armed conflict of the past to take over a nation, but it is a war. In effect it is more dangerous than Terrorism alone because it slowly eats away at the fabric of an unsuspecting society through peaceful means and slowly introduces Islamic ideology into educational institutions while gaining power through elected public office in government.

Currently with the massive flood of Muslims into Europe the governments of those nations thought they were actually trying to help refugees in war torn areas of the Middle East. When the flood of migrants came in there were massive problems, such as rape, murder and enslavement of females in those nations. And on top of that Terrorist strikes in the form of bombings and anything else at the disposal of those who wanted to kill infidels immediately (non-believers). Government officials even went so far as to excuse rapes because the refugees were from other nations and did not know any better. Government officials have even told the native population that they must assimilate.

Europe is basically overrun now and government officials will do nothing to eject the refugees from their lands, they even have their own court system based on Sharia law. The Islamist has a strong foothold and the only option for Europe, at present, is to deport on a mass scale while they have the power, sending the refugees back to the Middle East.

Several countries in Europe have closed their borders in order to protect their own people but other European nations are completely overrun. If Europe does nothing to eject the threat, Europe may eventually collapse into civil war in order to eject the enemy from within, but time is running out.

Today the United States is facing its very own Civilization Jihad in various parts of the nation. Americans who have no idea about Islam are embracing these newcomers as many act so peaceful and loving towards our people. Various public schools have embraced Islam into their curriculum for American children. There are at present two Muslims that are United States Congressmen and others seeking office locally throughout the nation. All of this (Civilization Jihad) is part of the plan hatched by the Muslim Brotherhood. Even our past President, Barack Hussein Obama, having lived under the ideology of Islam, had advisors from the Muslim Brotherhood and he allowed thousands of refugees into our nation.

All of these mass migrations by Muslims are for one sole purpose and that is to take over the world and establish Islam as the only religion in the world and they may succeed if nothing is done to stop them.

Update: it appears the various governments want a Civil War erupting, engaging the populace to stop it and then what freedoms you did have are now gone. This is an old trick where the government causes the problem, then responds to fix it and then everyone’s life as they knew it is permanently changed. The flood of refugees is nothing more than the catalyst.

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